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College Teenager Laptop School Backpack

College Teenager Laptop School Backpack

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NINETYGO college casual backpack

Release extraordinary confidenceTough and strong|Four-level water-resistant|Large capacity

Wear-resistant fabric | Magnet buckle | Soft sponge

An attitude of life meets creative energy

The design is inspired by the rustic campus style. The stylish clamshell design with canvas material addss some vitality to the daily outfit. The magnetic closure of the pocket mouth is simple and highlighting the artistic style

Dual levels of protective barrier, Tear-resistant + water-resistant fabric

Large capacity beyond imagination, Automatic closure of main bag magnet buckle

Both the outer buckle and the inner closure adopt a magnetic adsorption design, making automatic bonding more convenient. The large pocket space can be used for daily outings, etc. The separate computer compartment can hold 15-inch computers. Striped lining shows more vitality

Backside zipper for quick access to computer compartment

Specially designed rear side zipper for easy access to the laptop, Velcro fixation, and inner sponge layer for effective protection.  It saves time and be more efficient whether you go through the airport security or work on the move


* The backside zipper opening can pick up laptops of 14 inches and below, and the magnetic buckle entrance can pick up 15.6-inch laptops.

4 front pockets for clear and reasonable storage

1 built-in zip pocket can hold important small items such as bus cards and bank cards; 2 open pockets that share snaps with the main bag to temporarily place mobile phones and paper towels; 1 side invisible zip pocket for laptops,etc, the layout is reasonable and it improves efficiency.

Bottom glued material, which can be cleaned as new by lightly wiping

For people who often go out, the bottom of the backpack is particularly prone to soiling, which will affect the mood of the journey. The glued material bottom can be gently wiped with a wet paper towel, eliminating clear and complicated procedures and easy to take care of.

Practical travel options

Fashionable and versatile style, surprising capacity, it makes you full of energy all day whether for commuting, casual outing or short trips.

Delicate anti-fall side pockets

Safely store cups and umbrellas

Wide non-slip strap

Soft sponge for comfortable carrying

Side main pocket buckle

Prevent dropping items

Multiple reinforcements

Longer intimate companionship

Strong magnetic buckle

Quick and easy automatic suction

Comes in a variety of colors


Product parameters

college casual backpackProduct color: beige, red, yellow, navy, blackProduct specifications: 400 x 300 x 155mmProduct net weight: about 600gMaterial: Fabric-Polyester Fiber             Lining-polyester fiber


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