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Some things from us that we want to say.


What is “Print on Demand”?


A “Print on Demand” is our custom idea which we print on products.

We make custom design because we want to get out of the gray everyday world.

We want our buyers to have joy when you use our products, bring new colors and patterns into your life.

We like to use colorful, cheerful, energetic forms, we like to give something unique to the users of the products.

Unusual combinations of colors and shapes are used.

We also use combinations that "Brake the Rules". (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

 Play with colors and shapes,  since the whole life is a "Great Game".

With print-on-demand, your orders are printed as 3-7 days as they are received, regardless of whether you order 1 item or 100.

Ok. maybe 100 takes a little more time. If you need more than 12 pieces please contact me first:

Please allow 7-10 days to receive a tracking number while your order is hand-crafted, packaged, and shipped from our facility. The estimated shipping time is 2-4 weeks.

Our print on demand system allows us to make design plans.

Our manufacturing partners in stock have a natural white version of the products. Ready for production and delivery when you order on our



 All product is fabricated when you ordered.

Usually, the garments are printed and shipped and delivered within 8-10 days.

We have quality checked for every product and give the Extra Guarantee for every Print-on-demand product.

If you find any print errors in the product, please contact me immediately and we will change the product free of charge.


We making one product at a time opens up many possibilities.

These designs are made by hand, no two stuff is alike. (same like 99%, but not 100%). This will make the product completely unique.

"Made handmade"

for some example





Will be the design used in limited quantities if the products are sold out of that design, we will no longer use it.

Also, if you like something buy it now, because maybe if you think a lot you will fall behind.


Global Reach

We have customers off all over the world – Oceania, North and South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and more. shipping worldwide


Our Product and Logistic Partners are able to rapidly produce our designs and ship them all over the world.

If you find that the product is not available in your country, but you still want to buy the selected product on,

please contact me:

I am looking for another delivery option for you.


If you can't find what you're looking for and you have an idea, write it to me and we'll discuss how we can make your own product.


One of our manufacturing partners only uses Eco Textile in the production line. This is always indicated in the product descriptions.

So if environmental protection is important to you, buy these products.


Oeko-Tex Thema

This is always indicated in the product descriptions.

So if environmental protection is important to you, buy these products.

Information: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100


Production capacity

One latest challenge that’s unique to print-on-demand is production capacity.

Since orders are processed and produced as they arrive, it’s impossible to prepare for extreme spikes (Holidays-sales, COVID 19 boom. etc.) We need it for production for a little more time than in traditional mass production. We need your patience too.

We use and design.

For more info please drop me a line.

Thanks for joining me!

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