COVID-19 Crisis



Update: 5.26.2020
Good News!!
US Express Shipping is coming back to normal!

The US Express was taking a long delivery time due to the limited airline resources.
Hong Kong Airport has gradually returned to normal, US Express shipping time is also getting faster compared to the last few weeks.
8 - 15 days will be the average delivery time from today, and we will try our best to get it back to 5 - 8 days delivery time within a month.
All shipping methods should be also back to normal in around a month.

Thank you for your patience so far.
Best Regards


Delivery News Update 5.19.2020

Dear Customers

The Coronavirus effect is getting worse, flight resource has become a huge problem recently.

The United States:
Every US Express cargoes are stuck at the Hong Kong airport, 2 weeks waiting at the airport is the current timeline before they can fly to the US.

That makes the whole delivery time longer, the current US Express delivery time has become 20-30 days now. Please calculate this when ordering.
Canada Post will not accept any new packages from 25th May because of too many awaiting delivery packages.
So we have to cancel the payment feature for Canada orders from today,
We also temporarily stop taking any Canada orders now.
It will be available again when Canada Post is back to normal, we will keep you updated.

Canada Update 5.20.2020
As we work with several logistics companies, it is possible to ship to Canada in the current difficult situation. We can't send all the products, but if you like some product, put it on the Cart, go to Checkout, and if you can pay for it, this means we have the delivery capacity and we can send the product for you.
Thank you

Australia, United Kingdom, Germany end West- and Central-Europe:

Express Shipping to AU, UK, and Germany is okay so far, 7-15 days delivery time.

Please feel free to contact us and your support agent when you have any questions.

Best Regards,

The Dromedar Shop Team

Dear Customers!

The Dromedar Shop running smoothly, but delivery times have slowed down significantly due to COVID-19.

With the current global outbreak of Coronavirus, every shipping company is very slow.
The limited flight's resources come to a delay for all international package delivery.
Land to land and inland transport also slowed down too.

All shipping methods are facing a plus 10-20 days delay due to the limited flights, please take this into consideration the new delivery time on your order.

Please consider to use express shipping as possible since we work with DHL and DHL has its own airplane to avoid the huge delay.

If Express Shipping is available in your cart, please select it.

If you need more pieces of information from your order, please contact us:

We will overcome this global Coronavirus effect together!

Thank you for your shopping and patience.


At the moment, international delivery is not available in Brazil due to the CORONA Virus, we cannot complete any orders to Brazil, please do not order from Brazil now!

We are STOP all Shipping to Brazil!

From April 11. 2020, Standard Shipping will cost.
Unfortunately, Free Shipping will no longer be available in the international shipping chaos of COVID-19!
When the Corona Crisis comes to an end and the Shipping chaos of ceases, we will return to Free Standard Shipping Worldwide.

Canada has a special shipping rule:
Also, order that includes the liquid, battery, and oversize items cannot be shipped via CA Express, so we have to cancel and refund these orders.

Thank you