29 in 1 Outdoor Equipment bag

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A variety of outdoor kit is to be able to meet the "survival" design is also ingenuity, our survival tool kit, and the market is different, with a quick dismantling function, and it uses a large area of the umbrella Parcel, is a lot of outdoor survival tool kit does not have.  

This compact survival tool kit is small, but full-featured, a wide range of use, and has a quick-release function, In emergency situations, you can quickly use the inside of the survival tool, whether outdoors or travel is essential to survive companion.  


 This paragraph accessories include the following:  

1x a disinfection blade  

1x sewing needle    

1x the fire  package,  

1x aluminum foil   

2x of alcohol cotton,  

2x band-Aid  

2x fish Hooks  

2x Lead fall   

2x  connectors  

2x Float   

5m fishing line   

1x Whistle  

1x  multi-function tool card,  

1x mini flashlight,  

1x line saw    

2x buckle needle   

2x paper clip   

etc., these tools are installed in the waterproof bag, so do not worry about water problems. If you do not know how to use, but also lack outdoor survival knowledge, tool kits can also be equipped with a waterproof paper material field survival guide  



In the field travel or camping time, encountered an emergency situation, but the tool kit apart,  

After the opening of the kit is a rope close to 10.5M long military regulations seven-core umbrella rope, can bear 150kg, emergency situations can be used for the life-saving rope;  

There are seven core inside the Lifesaving rope, seven core can be used alone to tie things tied, hanging items, dressing in line with the wound;  


Which fish line, hook, fish, fish fall, the connector is a fishing tool you can fishing, used to solve the problem of looking for food outdoors  

Firesticks, blades, fondue is a survival suit, with a blade to burn the fire to fire, the sparkle is a fire with the fire, with better fire,  

Hemostatic paste, alcohol cotton, scalpel, needle, and the fish line is a medical suite, used to deal with minor scratches, bumps, to prevent wound infection;  

Blade and rope, the wire saw is also a survival tool, the rope can be used to do the trap, the blade used to cut things,  

 High frequency to find out for help  

Multi-function tool card with 11 kinds of multi-purpose small purpose, you can solve a variety of small outdoor problems  

Saw can cut wood or cut things, flashlight can be lighting, help and so on.  

The compass is used to identify the direction  

Climbing buckle and U buckle can climb in the climb or emergency use of self-help;  

Aluminum paper is used to install water, reflective, warm, help, barbecue  

Paper clips and pins can be stuffed, you can fix the map, you can do the fish hook, do wire, hook, and other gadgets.