Activated Carbon Dust-proof Face Mask

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Product Details

Name: Activated Carbon Dust-proof Face Mask


Gender: Unisex

Size: Free Size

Material : Nylon + Spandex

Applicable : Cycling /Running /Skiing /Training /Outdoor sports

Function: Dustproof /Windproof /Anti-Virus /Anti-Smog /Anti-PM2.5

Features: Breathable /Flexible /Comfortable /Adjustable nose clip /Adjustable neck velcro /Personality /Colorful


1. The "pattern style" and "pure color style" mask is made by diving material for it's a durable and strong advantage. So it might smell a little bit, it's very normal, it will fade by itself, you also could put the mask in 30℃ water for 15mins to remove it quickly:)

2. Our mask maybe a little small for European people who have a large face

3. Only the "pure color style" is aluminum nose clip, another style is the high quality plastic nose clip

4. Every mask is equipped with one filter, if you want more, you could buy more filters together

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Pattern style



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Our product is made of diving fabrics, it's soft, smooth, elastic and warm.
Our carbon fiber filter is thick, pure and clean.


 Excellent Design


NO.1  Ventilation design: several small holes, excellent ventilation.

NO.2  Double valve design: removable cold flow exhalation valve, with one-way double valve function, effectively remove the humid air inside the mask, breathing more smoothly.

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NO.3  Ergonomic design: design the mask according to human face contours.

NO.4  Adjustable velcro design: you could adjust the length according to your head, easier to use.



  Replace the filter  

NO.1 Press the inside valve, revolve the outside valve to remove it

NO.2  Open the mask and take out inside the valve

NO.3  Change a new filter, then install the valve, finished


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Valve Filter Upgrade

The carbon filter is upgraded to a silica gel filter, with the principle of industrial N95 mask, to comply with international filtering standards.

the proper way to wear

1. Put the mask on face and find a comfortable position between your nose and your chin.

2. Adjust the mask length, and attach the velcro.

3. Adjust the nose clip according to your nose contours.

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Good and clean package


Life is too short to live without the Activated Carbon Dust-proof Face Mask. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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