Darsonval Wand 4 in 1 High Frequency Remover, Salon Acne Therapy Device + 1 EU Adapter Glaselektrode

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The high-frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument. It is through the glass electrode tube to produce high-frequency current, and apply to the face, thus achieves the treatment result.

Helps to calm the nerve and analgesia function.

Produce the ozone for sterilization, help wound to heal and restrain pores.

Improve secretion, the PH value causes the skin lean to neutrality.

Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, tighten skin.



eliminates acne and pimples

reduces skin irritation

wrinkle reduction

skin tightening

tissue oxygenation

kills bacteria and virus

the topical application showed effective in healing wounds, promoting hair growth, treating prostate, gingivitis, etc



Designed for a perfect fit.

High quality 100% brand new.

Main Instruction

Voltage: 100V/220V. US Plug +EU Adapter

Frequency: 50-60Hz.

Power: 10W.