Double Facial RF Radio Frequency Beauty Care

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Double Facial RF Radio Frequency 

No Needle Mesotherapy

 Photon LED Light Skin Rejuvenation Face Lift Massager 

Beauty Care

False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Brand Name: DH Beauty
Model Number: 9901
Size: Single
Material: ABS, stainless steel
function: ems & electroporation & photon facial massager
Input: DC5V
Charging time: 3 hours
Use power: Max 10W
Charging power: 2.5W

1-year warranty

NEW Double Facial RF Radio Frequency No Needle Mesotherapy Photon LED Light Skin Rejuvenation Face Lift Massager Beauty Care


100% Brand new and high quality!
It helps you to make an anti-wrinkle face.
Firming face skin which makes you more beautiful.
It whitening eye, a multifunctional face.
Suitable for all your body.
It has a charging base for comfortable using.
1. RF- stimulate collagen regeneration
        Radiofrequency (RF) is a high frequency. It is a thermal penetration therapy. Through RF conductive head, It transmits a kind of electromagnetic energy caused by high-frequency ac change to the subcutaneous tissue.RF therapy can stimulate the dermis collagen regeneration, increase the thickness and the density of the dermis, lift and fill wrinkles, It is safe, reliable and no harm to the skin.
2. EMS - Electroporation 
        Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration. Once the holes forming, within several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the opening state according to the length of electroshock. Penetration into the deep skin collagen, hyaluronic acid, such as cosmetic ingredients EMS treatment is the advanced technique used widely in the beauty area. It must be applied with skincare products to work.
 3. Ultrasonic feature- Ultrasonic massage
To act on the face can make the skin cell with vibration and produce the micro-massage effect, change the cell volume. Thus, improve local blood and lymph circulation, strengthen cell permeability, improve tissue metabolism and regeneration, softening tissue, stimulates the nervous system and cell function, make the skin shiny and elastic.
4. Acoustic vibration function - Massage, clean
        It’s main functions: promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, make the skin more tighten and bright. Everyone's face has at least more than 300,000 zero pores, introduced effectively cleansing pores deep oil, clean the oil residue in the pore, can reply from deep clean skin.
 5. LED lights function - Hyperplasia of collagen, removing bacteria 
    Skincare beauty device has steady light which is no harm to the skin.
Super strong red light: wavelength 620nm (±5nm) 9 LEDs deeply reaches into the 625nm skin to promote blood circulation and the collagen regeneration, enhance the skin elasticity, to make the skin to be smooth and moisture. Be suitable for the slack & wrinkly skin to use.
        Greenlight: wavelength 520nm (±5nm) 9 LEDs deeply reaches into the 525nm skin. to solve the pigmentation, color, freckles, sunspots and old age spots, Can dilute and reduce the existing pigmentation, improve the overall skin color, and protect the skin against the future potential of the splash crisis. Black pigment grows at the bottom of the epidermis, and green light can inhibit the excessive production of melanin and prevent the growth of the pigment from the skin.
        Blue light: Wavelength 465nm (±5nm) 9 LEDs, deeply reaches into the 470nm skin, to kill the bacteria, promote the blood circulation, can penetrate into 0.25mm under the cortex, destroy the bacteria living environment, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, remove acne, acne scars and so on effectively.
        Yellow light: wavelength 590nm (±5nm) 9 LEDs, deeply reaches into the 595nm skin, Yellow light is a warm light. It is used to stimulate the lymphatic and nervous system, adjust muscles and stimulate the immune system, relax and restore the balance of sensitive skin.
        Pink light: wavelength 700nm(±5nm) 9 LEDs, deeply reaches into the 705nm skin, improve blood circulation, Strengthen the absorption of beauty essences and whiten skin, Be suitable for darker skin.
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Double Facial RF Radio Frequency Beauty Care is for you.

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