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Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick

Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick

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* Cirmage Lifting Stick
1. Uses the principles of spa meridian massage to lift sagging parts and balance your facial contours!
2. Clear, bright facial care with acupuncture using this stick! Skin circulation up, waist down!
3. Simple lifting care and special nutrient care with just one stick No separate tools or devices needed!
4. Dual whitening/anti-wrinkle functions to brighten dark skin and remove wrinkles! 

Cirmage Lifting Stick 23g 

How to use
* Cirmage Lifting Stick
1. After arranging your skin's texture, Put the stick's curved surface to your skin to use.
2. Use B and C for your neck, under your jaw, and cheek areas, and use A for around your eyes and your forehead for greater effects.
3. The best way to use the stick is to turn it within 1 cm to use.




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