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Makeup Box Cosmetic Kit

Makeup Box Cosmetic Kit

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FOCALLURE 3 pcs Makeup Set Eyeshadow highlight Lipstick with Makeup Box Cosmetic Kit

Now the Focallure bring the New Theme Makeup Set to everyone, please have a look: Picnic impression 9 colors eyeshadow palette: Combine the fresh yellow with the matcha green into the classic earth tone, suitable for all kinds of makeup style Receive the fresh green into your eyes, release the unique charm when you wink Both suitable for makeup beginner and makeup master, specially designed for single eyelid ladies Ginger color highlight powder: Fine and waxy mashed potatoes texture, highly pigmented Exquisite rural pattern appearance,3D printed craftsmanship Suitable for all kinds of skin tone, easy to combine with the base makeup, easy to create the natural makeup, just like the soft sunshine stay on your face. Picnic theme lip gloss: Gentle brown with a red tone, natural gloss Suitable for all skin tone Soft cream texture, easy to apply The package includes: 1.Picnic impression 9 colors eyeshadow palette 2.Highlight Powder(Ginger color) 3.Lip gloss(Gentle brown) Brand name:Focallure Product name:Picnic Impression Makeup Set Product Specification:eyeshadow palette*1+highlight powder*1+lip gloss*1 Net weight:eyeshadow palette1.25g*9,highlight powder3g,lip gloss3.3g Size:223mm*132mm*35.5mm Shelf life:3 years Suitable for skin type: any skin type

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