Data Protection-Customer Accounts

Data Protection-Customer Accounts

You can use Personal Customer Accounts.

Customer Accounts are used by honest and relevant customers.

This feature has been freely selectable.

By first purchase, all customers can set up an individual account.
You can do this later, but it is advisable to create it at the time of the first purchase.

Thus, each buyer will have an independent private customer account.

If you have your own customer account, you can find out about all sales, and new products and receive individual discounts.
If you want to buy next time, you enter your own account and are already identified, you don't have to enter your details again for each new purchase.

Data Protection

You don't have to worry about your data details,
because we only store your email address if you agree to this.

The Dromedar Shop Online Boutique does not store any other customer data!

Your data is stored in Shopify with extremely high protection in an encrypted form.
Shopify does not store any bank details, only the customer's shipping details. The bank details are in the payment services, used by Stripe, Paypal, etc. We do not record or store bank data!
Bank details must only be provided to the bank when paying on the bank page. We do not see or store any bank data details.

Without delivery data, we would not be able to fulfill orders.
That makes sense.

Find out more about data protection: running on Shopify.
Shopify uses the highest level of digital technology currently available to buyers for protection.

Dear Customers, You are safe here! You can buy it safely.
I hope you feel good about us. Have a nice shopping with us.

Thank you for your trust so far.

The Dromedar Shop Team